The experience of buying/selling real estate has changed greatly in the last 10 years.  It wasn’t too long ago that there were only two ways you could find out what homes were for sale.  You could read the newspaper, but newspaper ads didn’t give you much more information than how many beds/baths the home had.  Alternatively, you could head down to your local real estate agent’s office where you could learn quite a bit more about a home.  Today, you don’t have to leave your home or even buy a newspaper to find out in-depth information on every home for sale in your town.  All you have to do is log on to the internet.  In fact, over 80% of all buyers start their home search on the internet.  From Zillow to Trulia to there are literally thousands of websites which can give you quick access to detailed information about a property including satellite images of the property’s location.

Aside from all the statistical information, the one thing  buyers spend a lot of time staring at are the pictures of your home.  When selling a home the pictures your Realtor puts on the internet are your best chance of making a good first impression with a buyer.  High quality photos of your home will attract more buyers to your property and will result in a faster sale.  The Wall Street Journal recently reported that  “listings with nicer photos gain anywhere between $934 and $116,076.”  In addition, a study was recently conducted by a real estate brokerage firm examining the difference between listings who’s photos weree shot with a DSLR camera and those with photos shot with a standard digital camera.   Here’s what they found:

  • Only 15.4% of homes in the data set (homes from the Boston area and Seattle area MLS) were marketed using professional photography
  • The majority of listings, 80.9%, were photographed using point-n-shoot photography
  • The remaining 0.7% used just a camera phone

Homes shot with a DSLR camera:

  • Receive an average of 61% more views than their peers across all price tiers.
  • Have a 47% higher asking price per square foot.
  • Have an increased likelihood of selling for homes priced above $300,000.

Here are a few tips that will help your property look its best not only in photos but also in person!

  1. Work with your Realtor to stage the interior of your home.  The surprisingly simple act of re-arranging your furniture and accessories can work wonders in generating buyer appeal.
  2. Don’t forget to stage the exterior of your home as well.  Make sure your yard is nicely landscaped and that your home looks good as well.  Address any pealing paint and power wash the exterior if necessary.
  3. If your real estate agent shows up and starts taking photos with their cell phone for use in MLS fire them immediately!