As the old saying goes you only get one chance to make a good first impression.  When listing your home making a positive first impression on a potential buyer can not only help you sell your home faster but for a higher sale price as well (always remember more interested buyers = a higher sales price).  Not only will the front of your house be the first thing most buyers see when they come to visit the property, but studies have shown the photo of the front is the one most buyers see first when searching on-line and they spend more time looking at this photo than any other.  Therefore, it’s crucial to maximize the curb appeal of your home prior to putting it on the market.

There are many inexpensive ways to increase curb appeal from adding a few flowers to power washing the exterior.  In Remodeling Magazine’s well known Cost vs Value Report, “Entry Door Replacement” has been rated year after year as the #1 home improvement in terms of “cost recouped” (measure of how much value is added to the home vs the cost of the improvement) at a whopping 85.6%.  Not surprisingly, the 3rd place improvement for “cost recouped” this year is “Garage Door Replacement” at 75.7%.  This is another improvement  with major impact on curb appeal.  In fact, 6 of this year’s top 12 renovation projects in terms of “cost recouped” all have impact on curb appeal.  There’s an old saying in real estate “always put your money in the kitchen and bathrooms” but with bathroom and kitchen remodels recouping only 65.2 % and 68.9% of the cost in added value respectively apparently the most efficient way to spend your money is on a new front door and garage doors.  Keep in mind, Remodel Magazine’s charts are regional.  So, these “cost recouped” figures are for the Boston area which definitely includes the Needham real estate market.  These figures likely will vary around the country.

Here’s a great infographic about curb appeal from a recent KCM Blog post: